Being a Success Kid

Kids can make money too and be very successful at it. Do not be afraid to make money when you are still a kid. Kids have been doing it for years and now I want to show you why leraning to make money as a kid will create a lot of success in your life as an adult.

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Let’s talk about money

I think most of you know a little something about money. From your allowance to the money your grand parents give you on you r birthday. One other thing you are probably finding out by now is that money can do things for you like purchase your favorite things to going out to lunch with your fiends.

With that said, it’s very likely that you still have a lot to learn about money! You have come to the right spot if you want to know more about money and how you too, can start making money and start using money to help you develop the kind of skills that will create a prosperous future for yourself.

Viewing money the right way

Unfortunately, money and success is not taught in school to the extent that you can actually use it to create a lot of success in your future. Now I’m going to say something that is not very nice but as you get older you will find out that the truth isn’t always what you want to hear. Here’s the truth, no matter how much you like your teachers, and believe me, these are good people doing a good job, but ultimately, money and self-driven success is just not in their lesson plans. If you think about it, would you learn how to be a millionaire from someone who is not a millionaire?

Please do not take that statement as anything mean. I think teachers are wonderful people. Look at it this way, if I wanted to learn how to build a house, I probably wouldn’t go to a police officer to learn how! It’s just that their subject matter teaching work is built around a different academic subject like math, science, biology, English, etc. I, on the other hand have made a lot of money, including making millions of dollars. I would like to be your money and success teacher!

Let’s see if we can get you to view money in a new way. Popular culture has a tendency to make money look like a bad thing and portray the people who like making money as evil. Think about all the villains you saw on TV show growing up. They were all rich people. But so were a lot of super heroes like Batman and Ironman- both played the character of a billionaire!

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Try seeing money this way; money give us the ability to enjoy some of the greatest things in life! Travel, homes, savings, food, power our homes and especially entertainment! Watching movies and having out with your friends at restruants eating your favorite foods would be a lot harder without money.

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