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I don’t know everyone’s particular situations but what I do know is that no matter what your situation is, there is always a way to improve on it. And not just improve but jettison forward into any kind of life and career you can imagine. There are just too many examples in history of people creating exceptional lives and careers that had less advantage and a worse background than you had. I just don’t believe that certain people were born ditch diggers.

I’m about to take you to a place you’ve never been before. I guarantee you that you have never heard anyone say what I’m going to say about your career.  Don’t worry, this is only an article. It can’t hurt you and you have nothing to lose just by reading. But if you do finish reading and apply the content to your life and your work, I guarantee you are going to see something far greater than you are seeing today.

We hear so much these days about talent. We as business owners want talented people with subhuman levels of work ethic. As employees, we work on our skills and develop our talents to advance in our careers. However, I would say that the most plentiful thing in the world is highly talented people who have never achieved anything more than a mere existence or any measure of what would be considered real success. Again, highly educated and talented people working and living just mediocre lives. 

There has to be something far greater all that talent and education can do. From here on out, I want you to think even bigger than just talent. There is a level even higher and so much more special than talent when it comes to your work.

Take this mindset for example:

Denver Broncos Cornerback Champ Bailey intercepts a pass from New England’s Tom Brady in the end zone. Champ then runs the ball back the entire length of the field. Breaking tackles and out running New England players, and his own players, it looked as though Champ was about to have a cost to cost touchdown. At the one yard line out of nowhere, New England’s Ben Watson hits Champ like a bus on the field preventing Champ from getting the touchdown. 

Watson was on the other side of the field and had to run even further than the 99 yards that Champ ran. While it was amazing that Watson ran further and faster than anyone else to catch Champ, what was even more striking was what he said about the play after the game: “It doesn’t take talent to put in extreme effort.”

Get comfortable with the term “extreme effort.” Anyone can put in the effort, but not everyone will put in extreme effort. 

We want so badly to think that other people are more talented than us. That exceptionalism is simply innate in the greatest achievers. It’s an easier way to experience life if we think that we are just not talented enough to achieve what others can. It soothes the psyche knowing that we lack a certain inborn giftedness that others possess and relieves us the burden of putting in more effort.

However, talent can be beaten every time by extreme effort. I understand that most people put in the effort. But I have to ask, is it extreme effort? There is nothing wrong with putting in an average and acceptable level of effort in your work. It’s satisfactory and you will keep the boss happy. People just like you do it every day, show up, work hard, and put in satisfactory effort. You can even be great at what you do and be a star employee in your company. But being average and even being a star doesn’t make you the best ever. It doesn’t make you untouchable and it certainly won’t make you an unstoppable superstar.

There are opportunities in your company that you don’t know about. In fact, there are opportunities your boss or the founder of your company doesn’t even know about. I want to show you where those opportunities are and how you can access them. I know (and am good friends with) a lot of company founders, entrepreneurs, and bosses. When I talk with them they all agree on one thing, – “We could be doing so much more than we are doing now.” You could be the one that shows your boss just how much more can be done.

Believe me, I talk to these kinds of people all the time. I know how they think, how they work, and how they live. They want to be doing more with people who will help them get there. They also agree that they would pay these people a King’s ransom if just one person would step up and see the vision and live it. 

To get to this point and start accessing these opportunities, I’m not going to ask you to change who you are. People never really change. In fact what I am going to ask you to do is become more of what you already are. You are never going to get what you really want until you accept that notion. People who have come into a lot of money or had success early in life are said to have changed by people who know them. That’s actually not true. You just become more of what you already are. Since success and being who you really are is a catalyst for the other, I want to take that concept and super charge it with your career. Become who you really are first and the success will come a lot faster.

The content in the pages that follow are not always going to be what you want to hear. But I think you will agree that the best advice you ever got was something you didn’t want to hear. I take an unconventional and hardcore approach to showing you your potential and as you will soon find out, I never sugarcoat anything when it comes to your career! I won’t apologize for using strong language or getting in your face about your career. It would be like, “Doing the wrong thing for the right reason.” 

While getting to the top is great, what good is it if you cannot stay on top? Getting to the top of your career is not the same as staying at the top of your career. I’m going to show you how to keep advancing and reaching even higher for more. Just because you have the capabilities to reach greatness doesn’t mean you’ll keep it. I’m going to help you keep what you worked hard to earn.    

If you are serious about your career, you know what I’m talking about. However, most people don’t always know where to start or how to get there. They only see what’s on the surface each day they are at work. They think the boss is greedy and power hungry only focusing on his own self-interests. But I think by the time you figure this out, you will have a new outlook on what’s actually possible for your career. I don’t care if you’re a bus driver, a carpenter, or a programmer, the concepts for thinking and earning like an entrepreneur are all the same.

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