New Cover, Same amazing content

Last week, I was getting notifications that the cover for “How a King is Made” was getting sensitive materials warnings. We even noticed that the thumbnail pictures on the Amazon order were getting blurred out. I even had a TikTok video that flashed a sensitive materials warning on it when I posted the video with the cover in it. Rather than arguing with Amazon, I decided to take this opportunity to get creative.

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We designed a new cover and I just love it! This cover actually speaks more to the content of the book anyway. If there is one thing I have learned from my business to publishing this book and can give you any advice, get started on something and get it out there even if it’s not perfect. Make changes and pivot where you need to and keep pushing forward. Be impervious to criticism. Listen to what significant people are telling you but listen to your instincts more.

Get a copy of my book and challenge yourself to become far more.   

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