My Book Release Coming This Fall.

A short tease about my newest book “How a King is Made” coming out soon

I am very excited about my latest project and I can’t wait to get it out to all of you. I am finally getting ready to release my first book titled “How a King is Made.” The release date has not to be finalized just yet but it will defiantly be becoming out this fall and available in all the usual reader platforms on Amazon and print.

How a King is Made is a book on the concept of what I am calling Kingsmanship. The idea is that men can become kingly in virtually everything we do from professional success to raising our families to our sexuality. In the book, I cover 10 chapters of concepts that have historically created Kings of industry and I contrast those concepts as traits to success. I also love contrasting the history of the old noble world and the renaissance period back to the days of Julius Caesar in comparison to those traits and characteristics of the old world and how they can be used today in creating kingly men.

In my research in writing this book, I have found that what made Kings in the past is not all that different in what creates exceptional success today. The real difference in today’s world is that most men are weak and highly influenced socially to not be as Kingly in their endeavors. This comes from a lifetime of easy living and the idea of “sleeping under silk sheets makes you weak.” The idea I am striving for is to help men to see and experience their kingly nature and that they were given bigger bodies, predatory instincts, and single-minded focus for a reason. They were by nature, built to be fighters and lovers and given inherently an Alpha archetype for the use of being successful from the board room to the bedroom.

In the introduction of the book, I discuss what it means to be a King in that today we are no longer given kingship by a long line of noble succession as in the old royal order. Today, Kings have to be made and a kingship has to be taken! The modern-day King is an Alpha archetype type and I define the 5 major traits of the Alpha male.

 1. The Alpha is comfortable with confrontation.

2. Subconscious dominance communication.

3. Controlling the initiative of any situation.

4. The Alpha is an extraordinary problem solver by using his instincts over influence.

5. Sexual transmutation.

Throughout the book, I contrast each of these alpha male traits to the modern and historical examples in each chapter.

In chapter one we explore the concept of thought and how the scientific nature of ideas in our brains manifest from the reactions of energy and matter and how the biochemical processes start to formulate new ideas in our brains. Moving on to Chapter two we explore how to build up our forces and begin a bulwark of ourselves before creating vast fortunes. I will show you how being selfish is absolutely necessary from the very beginning. In Chapter three we discuss that A Kingship is never given or ever rarely earned, a Kingship must be taken!

Chapter four is about the idea of the “rising man.” All men of great success were at one time a rinsing man that is destined for greatness. The rising man has seen his success long before he was ever successful. In chapter five we talk about the idea of deliberate practice. A concept not fully understood by most people but is in effect, the very reason nearly all self-made Kings of industry are so successful. Chapter six is what we call “the right kind of wrong.” The idea is that most successful people are rule-breakers and do not conform to social niceties. You will see that to get to the top of most anything, you will have to step on some heads to get there and that a King is not in this to be liked, a King in this to be the best.

Chapter seven is where we get to have some real fun and is my favorite chapter. We will explore the 11 principles of empire-building as it relates to the most successful modern-day empire we all know and use. You will see in this chapter how the disparagement between most men and successful men is really in how you develop principles, philosophies, and core values systems of super levels of success over just working your ass off. Chapter eight is the Courageous King and how being king is far more than just being courageous.

Chapter nine is about the King’s appetites, the things he loves and craves as a man, and his sexual relationship with his queen. I think both men and women are really going to like this chapter. One little proviso about chapter nine, it’s pretty provocative, I hold nothing back and really take a risk in discussing a man’s sex drive as it relates to pleasure, connection and his professional success here so parental discretion is advised.

Chapter Ten is about the King’s death. As we all know, it will all come to an end someday. Everything has an ending at some point. The King is the man who welcomes his death as a transition point of his second act after he is gone. A King works so that his best work is done long after he is gone. The king lives his life to have the opportunity to live forever through his legacy. Immortality is the ultimate achievement for the king.

While you may see that this book is designed for men to become more kingly in their life but I think you will also see that a king also has a queen. The book was written for men but I make sure to put angles and elements in this book for women as well. After all, what good is a King, without his Queen? Ladies, this book will be great for you in helping your man find his alpha male side or accentuate his already Alpha male side, (the side we all know you want from him!)

You will also see that I discuss only men in this book because let’s face it, only men can be Kings. I am unapologetically non-inclusive toward women in this book. This is just how this has to be. This is not an equal opportunity book but you must understand that this concept of only discussing men gave me the freedom to write freely and effectively. The feeling of writing freely and with no limitations is the core value of my writing and has given me the product I wanted from this project. Far too often, writers of this type of book feel compelled to include everyone, men, women, and children in their writing to look mainstream and modern. But don’t worry ladies, just as a King must be made, so does a Queen!

In the spring of 2022, you too will get to see, How a Queen is Made! 

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