It’s cheaper to retire at the Holiday Inn than a retirement community?

You’re a customer, Not a patient. There’s a big difference in services you’ll get

As retirement age start to creep up on all of us, the thought of how we are going to live when we get older starts to become a real concern to many. The cost of retirement is on average, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, households ages 65 or greater spend on average $45,000 per year to live. That is $3800 per month just in living.

The cost of of the average retirement community is on average about $5640 per month so you can imaging this is not a save and live better situation. To add to this misery, many retirement communities and nursing homes literally seize your retirement accounts for their benefit.

I’m nowhere near ready for retirement or may ever even retire but this is pretty interesting once you work the numbers!

What if you just bagged the wrinkle ranch and just decided to live out your golden years at the Holiday Inn? Actually live there with an extended stay contract. Holiday Inn make this possible and with your senior discount, you will only pay $59.23 per night! That is $1776.90 per month as opposed to $5640 per month. What does your savings of $3864 per month or, $46,368 per year get you? I think you will be impressed! (Note: your savings is more than the average cost of living)

  • Continental breakfast is included and many have an evening happy hour by the pool. (Do you see where we are going with this) That literally leaves $130 for lunch if you chose to spend that much! For dinner, live on the free hot wings and batter fried mushrooms at happy hour in the lounge. Or you can order room service to your room for about $10 while you watch free movies on provided YouTube TV.

  • Spa, workout room, pool, hottub, and use of washer/dryer is included in your extended stay contract. Some Holiday Inns even have a free putting courses

  • Most Holiday Inns have free toothpaste and razors and definitely free shampoo and soap that gets resupplied daily while you are at your local bridge game. If you leave a $5 tip in your room while the maids are resupplying your commissary, they will probably upgrade your supplies to the premium stuff!

  • Fresh linens and a made bed with a fluffed pillow every day. Remember, they treat you like a customer, not a patient!

  • The Holiday Inn provides free bus rides to anywhere in the city for seniors. Fake a good limp like you are disabled and you will get all kinds of service from the Inn and the city bus driver.

  • Most buses run on Sundays for rides to church. Go to church and meet nice people and get invited to church functions with more free food.

  • If you want to see something new and eat somewhere different, take the airport shuttle and eat at a nice restaurant at the airport. Since you don’t have to drive back to the Inn by taking the shuttle, enjoy a cocktail or three at the airport lounge. Feeling adventurous, while at the airport buy a ticket and travel to a new city with a Holiday Inn

  • It can take months or even years to get into a good retirement community or nursing home. The paperwork alone would take your attorney a week to get through at $125 per hour. The Holiday Inn will book you a room the day you arrive!

  • Many Holiday Inns honor your extended stay contract. What to go to Hawaii? There a Holiday Inn there too!

  • Broken TV, Lightbulb out, need a new mattress? No worries, maintenance will be there in no time and get you fixed back up. They will also apologize for the inconvenience and likely management will comp you a free meal at the all you can eat buffet on Friday night.

  • Holiday Inn has night security and the maid will check in on your each day.

  • If you fall and break a hip, medicare will pay for your hip and your remainder of your contract will be in the presidential suite just to keep you from suing.

  • Holiday Inn loves families! When the kids and grandkids come to visit, they will book a room as well and kids eat for free! The grand kids can play in the pool from 9a-9p while you and your adult children enjoy cocktail and free chicken wings in the lounge.

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