How I will powerfully hit my blog goals for 2021

Every great achievement starts with a belief and a goal to get there!

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Everyone has be so wonderful and engaging in the content that I have been putting out at It’s super awesome to hear back from so many that enjoy the work and get benefit from my experiences.

With that, I am stepping up my game this year and will be putting out even more informational content that I hope will come in handy for you. I am setting some new goals for this site that I will achieve for this year. Since so many have really taken to what we are doing here I decide that you deserve to have the best website to come to for what you are looking for in the achievement community we are creating here!

Goal for 2021

  • Get more followers so to impact more lives
  • Create more attractive titles that resonate with the content (not clickbait)
  • Get more impact responses from my readers
  • Increase our daily hit rate by 30%
  • Publish at least 3 times a week for a full year
  • Create a “did you know” series for fun facts and entertainment value

Let me know what your thoughts are. We will be working hard each day to create something that you look forward to engaging in each week!

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