Saying Hello, My first post

My first post for Blogging for Beginners

While I have been blogging for a while, I decided to take the WPCourses blogging for beginners to get better at it. This is my “Saying Hello” post in first post section in the class.

If you knew me personally, you might think I’m a rough, ruthless tough guy of business and in my family, full of bravado, cocky swagger, and masculinity. Many people have told me I can be intimidating and that my empathy, friendliness, and compassion dials are turned all the way off and my focus, mental toughness, coolness under pressure, egocentric, and the unbending will to succeed is turned all the way up? Well… that is all true but I also like helping people. Especially people who want to succeed in the things they want to do.

This is why I have chosen to have a publicly publish blog rather than a diary. I’m better behind the keyboard in helping people than in person most of the time. While a lot of my “qualities” are traditionally considered toxic and counterintuitive in our modern sophisticated world, I believe the world needs particular individuals to do its dirty work. People that aren’t afraid to make tough decisions, ask uncomfortable questions, put themselves and their future on the line, and be somewhat unscrupulous in getting their way. You may not like how I get results, but I guarantee you will like the results of it.

I like the truth and the altruistic side of the world. That doesn’t always mean putting a smiley face and a “good Job” behind the work. I will be blogging about some very hard truths of success that most people do not like to talk about. Connecting with the dark sides of our personality and engaging with the very epicenter of where success is conceived. These topics will be bits of existential monoliths of success like:

  • Fear immunity
  • Zero tolerance policy on anxiety
  • Why stress and pressure are good for us
  • Ruthlessness
  • Mental toughness
  • Focus
  • Persuasiveness and
  • Coolness under pressure

I would virtually love to connect with most anyone that wanted to be super successful in the work they do from business, to family, or in their personal life. But who I would really love to connect with are younger people. People in school, college or who have just graduated. So often we see these young people struggling to find significance, purpose, or working to be deliberate. They have a hard time finding their value and self-worth in the world. Our school systems and universities do not teach self-driven success or the idea of individualism, or placing a high value on achieving greatly. I would love for my content to reach and empower young people to become more driven by the idea that they already have everything they will ever need to become super successful and to flush out the weak-minded influence they get from society.

If I were to successfully blog through the next year, what I hope to accomplish is to really impact other people’s lives (especially young people) with the mindset that nothing is scary and stress and fear are a choice. I want my content to influence people to be more bold in their work. I want to hear feedback that someone read my work and decided to risk greater and took a scorched earth approach to greatness. I would also like to see that someone realized that their naturally existing instincts for success was far greater and more reliable than anything an influencer could do for them.

If I found out that someone found incredible success by trusting themselves and were comfortable being exactly who they are, (as a result of my content), I would consider that success in my blog!

Daniel J Bockman

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