The Unfair Advantage Why I do this intro episode – UFAP001

The blue-collar working-class people of the world have a special ability to become incredibly successful with starting a new business or advancing vastly in the career they are currently working in. I call this the “unfair advantage” and almost every working-class person that wants to do more with their life possesses this special unfair advantage. While Silicon Valley tech people, marketing guru’s, financial services people and other modern-day super successful people do very well, they don’t necessarily own the corner market on being super successful! A truck driver, concrete worker, machinery operator, waiter or waitress, store clerk, etc… also have something that can create a superb level of super success that the traditionally thought of successful people don’t have. While the principles are all the same, the working-class have something unique that can jettison them to incredibly high stations in life. As a college dropout and working-class success story myself, let me show you the unfair advantages that you the working-class, man or woman, has that can make all of your dreams of being super successful come true. Advanced college degrees, born in-to priveledges, affluence and experienced backgrounds no longer play a part in becoming a millionaire. In fact, the unfair advantages the working class has just might get them to super success level even quicker!

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