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Business is not about the numbers. Business is about the relationships you build with other people. I have never been paid money for services rendered in my business by a thing, I have only been paid by people I have built a relationship with. People will not pay you for what you know, people will only pay you for what you do. The vast majority of my business success was not a result of what I knew, (and thank God, I know very little), what my success is driven by is knowing how to handle and deal with the things I don’t know. This becomes a brutally effective strategy of continuous learning and personal success development. Nothing is going to make you hustle harder than making a promise to a customer that you are not sure you can keep. Focus mainly on the things you don’t know and position the subject matter experts who do know in a place of effectiveness.

Control the dynamics of your fears. Fear is one of our strongest emotions that can either be destructive or produce success. Fear is like a knife, – in the hands of a criminal, a knife takes life’s but in the hands of a surgeon, it saves lives. Pop-culture and politics are counting on your natural tendency of the scarcity mindset and your fears. Use fear to your advantage. To succeed, fear only the averageness and mediocrity and extinguish fear of failure in that, nothing great has ever happened without some level of failure in the pursuit of it. If you’re going to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat. You can’t play it safe your whole life and expect to reach your highest potential!

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