Its A Doers Market

It’s A Doer’s Market, Now Become A Doer

With the Dow Jones Industrial average market closes hitting historic records day in and day out and the news from large companies like Apple and Chrysler coming in that they are repatriating billions of dollars, creating thousands of new jobs, building new plants and facilities, and companies like Walmart and Target who seem to be having an insider contest to see who can give out the biggest bonuses to the most people, I have to say this bull-run is a “doer’s market” right now!

What is the doer’s market you might ask? The doer’s market is a market that is catering to the people who do things like run big companies, create and build things or people who are starting companies. Hence- the people who DO! That doesn’t mean that the people who don’t own big companies aren’t subjected to the financial gains of a bull market, just check your 401K right now!

What these big companies are doing right now makes incredibly good business sense and I think we are just seeing the beginning of this. Now that Apple has announced (in a late Wednesday night announcement) that they are bringing home voluminous amounts of cash to be used in the new business-friendly US markets- many, many others will soon do the same! The S&P 500 companies are a lot like middle-schoolers, they are influenced easily by what the popular kids are doing. I truly believe we are only seeing the tip of this right now and with that said, it’s never been a better time to become a doer yourself!

I can’t say this enough, If you have an idea for a new business, get started now! You’re going to make a lot of money!!! It’s a doer’s market, become a doer and take advantage of a startup under amazing economic conditions. I will leave you with a saying that I tell many of the people who have looked to me for business advice and the ones that I have mentored.

This time next year you will have wished you started your business”

~Daniel J Bockman

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