Luck Creation Is Very Possible

A coauthor friend of mine asked an interesting question about luck. Yes, lady luck, the mistress of randomly selected good fortune! The question was; “Do you believe you can create your own luck in a reliable and predictable manner?” This is actually a very good question that requires a lot of thought and goes beyond the basic question, can luck be created?

We all know by now that luck is, in fact, creatable. But my friend is asking a deeper part of this question. That is, can we now use the power of creating luck as a tool to calculate risk in business, investing and entrepreneurial endeavors in a reliable and predictable manner? Can we actually bet on our ability to create luck?

My answer is most defiantly, yes, and here’s why! When I first became self-employed, people would say to me that I’m courageous and brave to go out on my own and start a business. Even the lady at Fidelity Investments congratulated me on starting my own business as I cashed out my 401K at 38 years old for startup capital for my new business. People would constantly be asking me how I was going to make it in the hard world of business and how I was going to feed a young family while taking this risk? My answer to these questions had to be profound, and so I would say, “I’m going to do great because while working in a large corporate company all those years, you never get to see just how much opportunity is out there”. Meaning, once you are out from under the 9-5, you start to see a lot of new things. The reason you are now seeing them is that you are actually out creating motion for yourself and taking action you have never taken before. Those actions are now opening doors you never knew were there!

To outsiders, these new opportunities could appear to be the result of luck, happenstance or a lot of good fortune that just happened to land in my lap.  But the truth of the matter is, I am very, very lucky when it comes to business because I am always looking for a way to take some form of action on an opportunity. Luck is basically the byproduct of action and if you look at the word “lucky” you can see it can actually be an acronym- Labor Under Continual Knowledge Yearly. With that said, I believe that luck creation is a very reliable tool for calculating risk. I believe this so deeply that I am willing to risk 100% of my fortune for the rest of my life on my ability to create luck. “What about if you fail”, you might ask? The problem with that question is the word “if”. It’s not if you’re going to fail but when you’re going to fail. We all fail at some point in our lives and it’s no different for us entrepreneurs. It’s all part of the process and the best way to look at failure is how I see it, – postponed success. Every failure I have ever had has led to greater success if you just wait it out. So, with that said, failure is really a non-issue. We already know it’s going to happen so we strategize against it or strategize to recover from it – once again, creating luck! The one thing failure really hates is a person that is persistent, consistent and patient. (I know, it’s not fair that we see it this way, right?)

I can guarantee you that I will be successful based on my ability to create luck in a reliable and predictable manner. I will see an opportunity, I will take action on that opportunity and one of two things will happen. 1) I will either succeed and reap the benefit, or, 2) I fail and wait for the failure to expire and experience the success that waits on the other side! Both ways I come out the winner, and, I’m always the lucky one because I can see it this way. I call this the, “Win when you’re winning and win when you’re losing factor.” I can confidently make you this guarantee because if I’m out hustling hard enough and taking action after action on every opportunity I choose, eventually I successfully get everything I want. It’s the law of averages based on purpose and motion. There is literally nothing in this world you can’t have if your actions to acquire it is backed by purpose and motion. Just like a train moving at a high rate of speed. It packs an immense, unimaginable amount of power to get to its destination!

Luck will only come to the lucky but the caveat to that is, the lucky are the only ones out creating action. If you are acting and executing on opportunities, you are creating your own luck that will eventually become a reliable and predictable tool for navigating your success. Sitting on the sidelines of life will only get you what all spectators of the sport will get. Playing the game is where all the glory is and only the players have the chance to experience luck.

Daniel J Bockman

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