Health concerns of being super successful!

Take Care Of Yourself Fat Cat!

Most of what I write about is helping you get on the path to the good life of being a successful entrepreneur and more like a how-to and how I’m doing it every day but today I want to try something different and look at success from a different perspective. I love telling my story and how I have done so well but what about once I have reached a high station in life, what is that like. My story here will help you once you have achieved greatly in business.

You are going to be extremely wealthy someday soon! You just are, I know this about you! I know you will because you are continuing to follow my blog and all my other social outputs so I am just certain that super success is coming your way very soon and of course, I’m going to help you get there.

I do have to warn you though, the successful life has a drawback that I did not see coming. It’s nothing all that bad and it can be kept in check if you can recognize it so let me point it out to you so you will know it when it hits you. When we really hit it big and was bringing in a lot of money, life seemed to be unstoppable and unshakable. We were winning at everything and if we did lose out on a big business deal, we just brushed it off because we knew there was always going to be another opportunity just as big or bigger right around the corner,- and we were right! The easy lavish lifestyle was coming to fruition as a result of our incredible hard work. The harder we worked (not physical labor hard work) but brain power hard work, the easier things we becoming, even as we were growing!

This good life was starting to take a toll on my health. It was nothing to be celebrating business successes nearly every night! We would be drinking a bottle wine and eating rich food like it was nothing. It had no effect on our income because these little celebrations cost but a mere sliver of our total income and hit well below our means. I wasn’t exercising at all anymore because business and work were my passion because business and making vast profits was a hell of a lot more fun than working out! There were no consequences to having local microbrews with lunch on a Tuesday at 11:30 am. We did it all the time! More beer, more wine, fabulous rich foods and not working out, I started to get pretty fat! I was the quintessential “Fat Cat” businessman. Drinks with new clients, dinner parties with other successful entrepreneurs and lunch takeout from Thai, Korean and exotic food trucks every day was starting to pack the pound around my waist line!

I was working 14-16 hours a day and not missing a beat to spending time with my family. Because now I could now set my own schedule to work like a machine but hit the work/family life balance with ease. Working hard to create the easy life was starting to work, but I looked like the Michelin Man and I was (and probably still am) 50-60 lbs. overweight. Even though I loved playing out in our big yard with my kids and had plenty of time to spend quality time with them, I was exhausted and short of breath losing to my 13-year-old son playing a short game of horse on the basketball court.

The point is and my advice to you as you become super successful, mind your own health. I just turned 43 last month and I feel very secure with my age and growing older. There are a lot of men in this world that would love to be 43 again but I heard it once said that “Nostalgia is life’s honor”, there is nothing more right than that. I also know that growing older is the single greatest thing you can ever do for you family and friends, with that said, take care of your successful self! Once money, wealth, and success are a normal part of your new life, so are all the things that make us fat and lazy and gets you out of shape. Conquering the business world will start to become easier and you will start to look like a master of your craft and profession but make sure you are someone they want to look at!

Maya Angelou told Oprah Winfrey once that, “You will never live long enough to see what your legacy will be”, even though you don’t know what it’s going to be and you will never know what it will be, your legacy will be the most important thing to you. Be sure the bronze statue they create of you is the likeness of an old person and not a young one! Health and wealth look fabulous together!

Daniel J Bockman

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