The Unbeatable

Could You Actually Become Unbeatable At Business? 

I’m starting to wonder if the fully empowered entrepreneurial mind can ever be beaten. In today’s tech craze to create and develop the next generation of the greatest platform to create content of and or socialize, the smart kids are just making everything so easy for the average business owner or small pre-entrepreneur to get exposure to the world what they have to offer! With that ease of movement and navigation in the business world today, even for the simplest of minds, it becomes a bit of a lure to the average everyday citizen to try their hand at entrepreneurialism and business. I read somewhere that becoming an entrepreneur is the latest craze in pop-culture and it’s a kind of concerning. Article after article has been blogged targeting the wanna-preneur to warn them of the consequence of business failure in regard to losing all your money, your friends, and your mind!

It’s very true that many businesses go under after a very short time especially when so many people are out there trying their hand at running a business with no business background. It’s just the law of averages. But I have to argue, – is it their inexperience as a business person that is causing the huge failure trends or is it the fact that their inexperience has led them to believe their predisposed expectation of what business success is? My money is on the later because there is no reason in the world someone couldn’t be running a successful and wealthy business in this day and age no matter their business background or non-background. I’m totally serious about that! I had a friend once tell me they wanted to start their own business but they had no idea how to market it. I sat down with them and never said a word. I looked at their social media accounts and noticed they had, without trying or knowing what they were actually doing, 650 Facebook friends, 1000 Instagram follower, 750 Twitter followers! I said, “You know how to market yourself, now apply that same marketing strategy to your new business”! I saw a light come on in that friend of minds eyes!

As more and more people are taking the leap into the realm of the self-employed, the one piece of experience that they do bring with them even if they have no business background or savvy what so ever, is the experience of failure! We have all had our little failures throughout our life and if you look at anyone person’s life under a magnifying glass with detail, you will see that those failures never really hurt anyone all that bad and they are continuing with life and rebounding nicely. What these failures are in reality, are nothing more than just disappointments. The problem is, the common average pre-entrepreneur doesn’t see it that way! They can only see business failure as a cataclysm or a complete death march that can’t be fully recovered from because of the amount of risk it takes to get started.

Remember what I said in the first sentence, “I’m starting to wonder if the fully empowered entrepreneurial mind can ever be beaten.” What I’m getting at with that statement is this, – is the entrepreneur with the fully empowered mind set, failure proof? Do they have that frame of mind that can’t be beaten because they do not accept failure as an option? Do they have an unfair advantage to success or is it more that they have an unfair way of looking at life and business? Here’s what I’m getting at. I have been successful for so long, that I actually don’t fear anything in business anymore. Even losing all my money is really nothing more than a new challenge to work harder and make more money. Winning the game of business is simply having the attitude that you have already won before you get started and you are willing to accept, unconditionally, what it takes to get there, even if what it takes is losing all your money at one time or another! I’m beginning to feel that I can never be beaten because I have developed a theory about the ‘unbeatable’ that even I have a hard time fully understanding myself, Yes my own theory! This theory is so complex in my mind that I have a hard time writing it all down in just this short blog but I will explain it the best I can.

My theory of the unbeatable stems from my own experiences with the ease of failure recovery. Yes, I said ease of failure recovery. I have failed numerous times at my businesses and some of them were catastrophic, but I always seem to find myself coming out on the other end as fully recovered and much more informed, I guess you would say, lessons learned. I also don’t mind being beaten by a competitor from time to time. In fact, sometimes it feels good knowing that you are such a significant threat to your competitors that it’s kind of an honor that they are working so hard to beat you! It’s actually fun knowing that there is someone out there willing to play the game against you and force you to be better yourself and compete even harder! How about this notion, the person that has become unbeatable actually likes it that business is hard! They actually love the hard work that it takes to become successful. They end up likening and thriving in all the things that would traditionally be considered “sucky” to the average person. They love the spirit and ebb of all the motions of business life. They win when they are winning and the win when they are losing! They wake up every morning with the thought in their minds that they know you would like for your business to be easy and effortless and could just go about your day making a killing. They know you don’t like all the potential failures that could inevitably come your way so they play on that fear you have of failure, to their advantage.

This person, in short, has become entrepreneurially empowered. There is nothing they fear about the business world anymore because just like an eagle attempting to land on a small branch that is likely going to break under his weight, he makes the attempt anyway because he is fully empowered with the confidence to recover from the fall if the branch breaks! If the branch breaks, and he begins to fall, he simply spreads his wings and glides gracefully to a different branch, with the knowledge and the lesson learned from the previous attempt to land! These “eagle people” exist, folks, they are called self-made millionaires.

How unfair is it that you would have to compete in an already unfair and cruel business world against someone that thought like this every day? I don’t think it’s a person’s lack of business knowledge or business background that is the catalyst for business failure. What is truly the cause of business failure is a person’s inability to become one of the unbeatable! The takeaway I want you to get from this is, the unbeatable are out there working harder than you every day and many new entrepreneurs feel they have to come out swinging hard to try and beat them. But here’s a better idea, instead of trying to beat the unbeatable, why not just become – one of them? I think you will find it’s a very warm and welcoming place! I would love to show it to you someday!

Daniel J Bockman

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