10 reason why you’re not getting rich in 2017

Why you are not getting rich in the modern age?

There are many reasons why some people are doing much better than others when it comes to making money. I said in an earlier blog, “That getting rich has never been easier and never been harder all at the same time.” The only real problem is, wealth has become so polarizing socially and the ones that can handle the polarization will get the big prize! Getting rich in 2017 is really not all that hard. Technology has made it much easier to produce content, market a business and make direct electronic sales right into your bank accounts so why is it that there are still so many people struggling to just make a living much less pocketing accumulating amounts of money?

It actually may not be totally their fault, they may not know or were never taught that the goddess Fortune of wealth and riches doesn’t just pick winners by random. There are a few things that I have come up with that are a reason, not excuses, for why you are not getting rich in the modern age.

  1. You are thinking in terms of security and not in calculated risk

Many people believe that in order to get rich and wealthy you have to be willing to risk it all with the roll of the dice. Turns out 99% of the self-made millionaires in this world have never played the lottery or gamble on the chance to become rich. They use calculated risk/reward models called strategy and they make smart investments on a consistent basis. They also know that 401K and company sponsored “wealth building” plans are not really getting wealthy!

  1. You are listening to your social conditioning.

When you were in school they told you that you had to be highly educated to be successful. They showed us tons of statistics of wage to education ratios to demonstrate that high education led to high wages. That is true but the one ratio they never showed us was the self-success statistic of the self-made person. You are also listening to what pop-culture is telling you what getting rich is. You are only seeing the easy side of Hollywood rich lifestyle and not the painstaking grind hustle it takes to succeed.

  1. Your expectation out of life are not flexible.

I remember sitting at a high school graduation once and the keynote speaker said, “no matter how hard you plan, it won’t turn out the way you plan.” We tend to fixate our expectation for our life on what we were taught and go through life chasing that expectation without realizing we need to be flexible with it. Hard-nosing your way through life doing it the way we were supposed to do it only yields disappointments and then your concept of the rules of life are destroyed by nonconformist who is killing it with only half the work you’re putting in.

  1. You don’t know that you can handle multiple sources of income

The average self-made millionaire is managing on average, 7 different incomes streams and, yet has plenty of time for their family and lifestyle. The average millionaire is reading 30-40 books a year when most people have a hard time getting through one! The point is, the average self-made millionaire has just as many hours in a day as you do and still manages to live an extraordinary life.

  1. You don’t think it’s possible to get rich

I heard a basketball coach once say, “If you think you’re going to lose before the game even begins, you’re already 10 points down.” It’s always possible to get rich and wealthy, you just have to have it fire-branded into your brain that you are going to get rich!

  1. You are still “hoping” to get rich

Hope is for the middle-class, choices are for the wealthy. Ask any self-made millionaire if they ever hoped to get rich and they will say no, they chose to get rich! There is a huge difference here! You are still practicing hope if you buy lottery tickets or follow some get rich quick scam or are looking for the easy money! Choosing wealth and riches is choosing to work and sacrifice and the choosers are always the ones that become the winners! And remember, if you are not making mistakes, you are not making enough choices!

  1. Your dreams of becoming wealthy are not scaring you.

If you are not scared shitless by the day dream you have every day about getting rich, you are not dreaming big enough. You need to be dreaming of big actions and scary executions on the dream. It needs to be keeping you up at night and taking your breath away as your heart skips a beat thinking about how incredibly scary this is going to be! Now you are on your way!

  1. You are still talking action and not taking action

In my circle, I hear nearly every day about someone’s idea of a business or making money. They will go into long dissertations about some business idea or money making plan but when I ask them what actions have they taken to get there, they generally have a blank stare on their face or come up with the same lame excuses that they are waiting for the right time or when they have the money! Real successful people take action and execute every day whether they have the money and time or not. They don’t care what it takes and wasting time is losing early in the game!

  1. You are still not obsessed with being rich

Even though you may think about it every day, if it doesn’t consume your every moment, you are not obsessed yet. You must become obsessed with getting rich in order to obtain it. Many will tell you that obsessions are unhealthy but why are you listening to them anyway? Only you know what’s best for you!

  1. Your social life and friends are still too big a part of your life.

You will find on your rise to wealth that things will start to get a little lonely. Your friends will start distancing themselves from you mostly because they don’t want to be around something that will remind them why they are not getting rich. That something is you! Those who still crave the social scene on a regular basis are not obsessed with getting rich. It’s okay to go out and meet up once in a while with old friends for a drink but the soon-to-be rich are positioning themselves around other people of success and wealth. Your new social life should be talking and having drinks over business and money now. If the people you are around right now and the conversations you are having, aren’t about business and money, you are hanging out with the wrong people!

Daniel J Bockman

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