Coffee Beans, Wine and Beer, all being delivered to my door!

Be careful, Life is getting pretty easy!

Dr. Robert B Cialdini talks about in his book, Influence: Science and Practice, that as a master of knowing how to get people to say yes, he always thought he would be resistant to having the strategies of “yes compliance” played on him, yet a very young little girl managed to get money out of his pocket by selling him school candy bars he didn’t even want in the first place! He said, “I don’t like candy bars and I do like keeping my money so why did I comply with the little girls request to buy candy from her?” If you read the book you will find out what this strategy entails!

But I have read the book and I’m in the business of getting customers to say yes and like Dr. Cialdini, my own business advice to a new businesswoman looking for some mentorship was played on me just yesterday, and I bought in! It’s so interesting how this evolved. I wasn’t paying attention and my wife made it clear what had happened. A friend of ours just started a coffee bean business and is doing very well with sales. I mentioned to her about a year ago that having a subscription or retainer type option for her customers to take part in is reassuring to customers that on a monthly basis they always have coffee on hand. Also, the retainer purchases commitment from the customer base and makes a consumable product an almighty – billable product, as well!

And just like that, I am now on a monthly coffee retainer! My own advice used against me- touché and well played. But the upside is, I do love her coffee and I never have to worry about running out and, I do love supporting a great startup that is not just a flash in the pan business!

Be sure to check out Angie Caster’s WYO Buckin Beans.

The other thing that has sucked me into the subscription quandary is Tasting Room. This subscription wine delivery service is definitely custom made for me but the scary thing is how easy it is to participate, in just a few clicks and my CC #, I have wine being delivered directly via UPS or FedEx to my door step, and at only $14 a bottle, I will be entertaining family and guest throughout the holidays without the worry of running out of the red elixir that makes all holidays a happy place and not have to make a wild ass trip to the liquor store in a blizzard! I feel I’m going to love this service!

Technology has made all of this incredibly easy and in fact, I just saw Amazon prime will send you beer and wine with two-day shipping like we are all used to! How awesome is that?!?! I have to ask, “Walmart? Can you out do this (yet)?”

Daniel J Bockman

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