7 Entrepreneurial Superpowers You Can’t Learn In Business School

We All Possess These Superpowers of Business, Now Put Them to Work!

The eagle does not fear the branch breaking as he lands,

He is confident in his own ability to recover from the fall.

He has no concept of the term risk and danger does not apply,

He is- the entrepreneur


This resonates with me! The entrepreneur is a character of the different breed. Not just any one can look at a branch and not care if it can hold your weight because you are so confident in your abilities to recover from a fall. It takes superpowers to have that kind of confidence. It takes superpowers to overcome social conditioning we received when we were younger and what we get from pop culture today!

Here are my 7 entrepreneurial super powers I use every day to overcome social conditioning and allows me to not fear the branch. I have divorced parents, I squeaked through high school, I’m a college dropout, I could never keep a job. I’m supposed to be a min wage worker, but I’m not! Here’s why…

  1. Time

    – Time is the most valuable commodity known to mankind. Be the purchaser of time and own as much as you can. I have a saying, “the person who dies with the most time wins”!

  2. Freedom

    – Cut ties with bosses, bankers and become self-employed. Sell off the unnecessary things and have a mindset of “live like the poor but think like the rich”. Use the time you have purchased to create freedom and free space.

The person with the most Time and Freedom has the upper hand on any endeavor.   

  1. Power

    – Use poor-man’s power to procure anything you want. We tend to think you need money to have power but the inverse is true, self-made wealthy people were very powerful long before they got rich. If you want to be rich and powerful, be powerful first. All the power you ever need is already inside you, just execute an idea and take command. Power costs you nothing and wealth are attracted to it!

  2. Influence

    – Just like power, influence comes first, then the success. Money and success is in fact very influential but the real influencers are the ones who are the hungriest for success and can have the most impact using little to no money

  3. Happiness

    – Have you ever heard the saying, “money won’t make you happy”? It’s true, but the good news is, money won’t make you happy but… happy will make you money! Find the happiness first because money is a byproduct of happiness.

  4. Intelligence

    – Intelligence has no connection with creativity and innovation. Intelligence is nothing more than academics. The truly intelligent find significance in their work and find ways to impact as many people lives as possible. You already own the most miraculous thing known to the universe- the human brain. PUT IT TO WORK!

  5. Significance-

    Finding significance is doing work not for the money, but for the impact. If you love what you do and your passion is all about delivering more value than promised, you are finding significance in your work. If you are having fun and making a difference in people’s lives, you are developing your legacy- and a legacy is significant!

Many people think you have to have money first to have Time, Freedom, Power, Influence, Happiness, Intelligence and Significance. It’s not their fault, we are saturated with information on these things that it gets delivered to us in a way that looks like you have to have the money first. But the truth is that these 7 are freely available to all of us. That’s why I say they are the 7 entrepreneurial superpowers. If you acquire the 7 superpowers first, before anything else, and embrace them, you have an incredible advantage, maybe even an unfair advantage! The successful never hoped to be successful, they chose to be successful. This can be a difficult concept for some but put the 7 superpowers into your life and business and now you are choosing success.

More and more the belief is that the successful and the wealthy were just lucky and privileged, to begin with. I’ve had this said to me as I have become more successful. People who have known me for a long time have commented that all my money and success has changed who I am but the truth is, I changed first- and then the success came. I started purchasing my time vs selling it, I cut ties with things and toxic people that were holding me back to gain more freedom, my power is not predicated on my bank accounts, I use my powerful influence to get people to do business with me, I found happiness in my work and life and that attracts wealth, I now empower my intelligence to work for me as a source to leverage advantages and opportunities into my favor and I am continually looking for ways to separate myself from the heard by significantly impacting people and spreading success everywhere I go. None of that has a thing to do with luck or privilege!

I feel bad that there are so many amazing innovations we will never get to experience. Ask anyone and they will tell you about a great new product or business idea they have, but unfortunate they will never do it. That great idea or innovation will go to the grave with them and they will never execute because they are afraid of failing. The number one reason people don’t start businesses is out of fear of failure.  The 7 entrepreneurial superpowers are considered superpowers because they give you the greatest power of all. The power that everyone would love to have- the power to not fear failure! The 7 won’t protect you against failure because you will fail at some point but it gives you the courage to think like the eagle and not fear it.

The 7 entrepreneurial superpowers are incredibly empowering and (warning) addictive once you have experienced them!

Daniel J Bockman

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