5 incredibly effective success principles for the college dropout and non-educated

Dropout and non-educated is not that bad of a thing anymore


Everyones a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking its stupid

~Albert Einstien

Were college and university just not your thing? Did you drop out, wash out or only made it maybe a year or two or maybe you just never went because you had no interest or you couldn’t afford it. Well, don’t worry any longer because we are in the tech age now and a college degree has become more like a license to work or white collar trade school with an oversized price tag. A lot of people are finding out that once they graduate, it’s not easy to find jobs and especially those areas of study like liberal arts or European history of cats! Unless you’re going to be a physician, attorney or some other specialized professional, you really don’t need a college degree if your goal is to make big money.

I’m a college dropout and now I own and operate million dollar operations every day. I think it’s important for you to know that most self-made millionaire college graduates will tell you that their education was only about 15% responsible for their success! The rest was principles!

Here are 5 incredibly effective success principles for the college dropout that I have developed and use myself every day to grow my success.

  1. Become secure with your non-formal education status

I use to be ashamed of the fact I dropped out of college but today I almost wear it as a badge of honor. As a drop-out or never went to college person, you have to ignore the conditioning from a society that says you have to have a degree to succeed and think of it in terms of advantage. Most college grads feel they have to work in the field they are educated in but you are free to choose your work! Remember, don’t be ashamed and look for advantages like no college debt or obligation to a craft. You must change the dynamics of your thinking about non-educated into a form of advantage for yourself and remember there is very little in this day and age of tech that can’t be learned because you didn’t go to college!

  1. Understand you have highly marketable skills.

You can market virtually any skill and monetize it but because you are not a college grad, you might have a little more street-hustle in you than your frat boy buddies do! Since you did not go to college, you might be a little more resilient to the word “no” and have developed a hustle-sense to rejection. Odds have never been in your favor and you have had to grow a tough hide to the world that expected you to graduate college. It sounds like to me you would be a perfect business owner! Because you didn’t go to college, you have to use your brains for other things that college graduate didn’t have to. You had to work harder because it wasn’t easier and this creates a ‘dark horse’ that no one saw coming in the business world!

  1. Educated people are looking for a job

So why not just hire them? If you couldn’t go to college or didn’t want to, you could always just hire a college graduate to do the work for you! You don’t know Thomas Edison’s name because he was highly educated or a genius inventor. You know his name because what he was really good at was telling people that were smarter than him what to do. He was much better at being a boss and having the ideas than actually inventing. He would just have educated people actually do the work. You can still use the Edison model of doing business because a foundational principle of success is surrounding yourself with smarter people than you. Hire the college grads to work in your operations and tell them what you want from them and pay them very well (because they did work hard to get their education) and let them make you successful. If you find you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room anyway!

  1. You have less to risk and less is expected of you

This is your “Dark Horse” moment! This is the point you can take advantage of your un-formal education status. You have no college debt and now you have the ability to move more freely. You can risk more because you have less and because the world doesn’t expect you to be much more than you are, no one is watching and you can make that movement more vaporous. While they are not looking, you are building a powerhouse of business and claiming territory, business contacts and networking. Most people have to work a job simultaneously while they work their side gig business. This forces them to work both the job and the side gig in a matter of time management. They aren’t able to put as much time into the side gig as you are able to because they have bills to pay and their college education taught them without their knowing it, that security is better than risk. You risk, you bring the heat and pressure and you are the one making the diamonds a lot faster!

  1. Be the point where you family name legacy recognition begins!

We all know the propionate names of industry, like Walton, Dow, Johnson & Johnson etc. and we hear about what it is like to be born into that kind of privilege but you have to remember that those names were just no-body names just like yours at one time. Since you are not the grandson or granddaughter of household name wealth and privilege, why not make it so your grand kids are the progeny of wealth and privileges. Decide you will be the point your family name begins to rise. Wealth has to start somewhere and at some point in time. You are now the one that will do it, you are the one your grandkids and great grandkids will be talking about long into the future. They say you can’t take it with you when you go but you can sure leave it to your kids and grandkids to make their lives better and create a legacy for yourself that lives on after you’re gone! You can leave it to a foundation or create a foundation to make other people’s lives better. It’s still a good thing to be rich because you are still able to create impact many years after you die. The ability to live forever is based on large bank accounts that represent you and your legacy. Millions of people lived at the same time and were the same age as Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison – but I couldn’t tell you what their names were!

Daniel J Bockman

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